Cyanogenmod 14: Everything You Need To Know About It

Probably the best thing about having and Android OS is the fact that it is an open source operating software. This enables developers to further enhance their phones by building their own software based on Android. This way the phones which were not to receive any further official updates can also get the latest version of the OS through custom ROMs by rooting and flashing their device. This paws a way for personalisations and customisation. Today on my blog, I’ll let you know all the details about Cyanogenmod 14.


Cyanogenmod 14 RELEASE DATE

The official CM 14 is amongst the most anticipated software updates along with the Android N update. While the unofficial builds are available, issues such as camera malfunctions and weird glitches have been experienced. These issues have been a major setback to the release date of the official build as such problems are a possibility even in the official version. The unofficial build was released by the end of August, and there is still no word from the official builders.


CM 14 was expected to be built on the original  Android N(7.0).But because of the unexpected glitches and firmware drops, the official CM 14 shall be built on 7.1. This is expected to be rather more promising concerning stability, and it shall have all the features of AndroidN.

This way you are not only amongst the first to have Android N apart from the Nexus devices and the Lg V20 but you don’t have to deal with the weird battery draining issues which the 7.0 brought for the Nexus devices.

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Being based on the Android N firmware it is very obvious that it’ll have all or almost all the features which are expected to be present with Android N. The long list of features includes:-

1) Better Dose mode

Owing to the fact that CM would kind of suck at maintaining battery life it was quite obvious that the official CM14 would make users say otherwise. Well after integrating dose mode into the system, the battery life is expected to perform 20% better because now dose works even when your device is in motion but not in use.

2) Multiscreen window

Being the most anticipated feature from Android N, Multiscreen window has found its way into the unofficial build, but it just supports two apps. The official build is expected to support 4.

3) Easter eggs

CM14 is supposed to continue the legacy of styling the Android Easter eggs by adding a CM finish to it according to the Android version. We saw it with CM 11,12 and 13 which had Easter eggs based on KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow and the same is expected from CM 14.

4) No App Drawer

This seems a little obvious as the Android N UI was planning to ditch the app drawer, the same was seen with the unofficial build and is expected from the official. It may be so that the official build will have 2 UIs, but then there’s also the possibility that CM shall simply ditch the app drawer icon and provide gesture support for it.


All devices supporting Android N are expected to support CM14. Also devices like the Moto x 2013 edition and the Moto G3 which will not receive Android N have received the unofficial builds of CM 14.

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Android Wear: The Three Features

Android wear is one of the latest product by Google, designed for Android users. It’s been an interesting product, and it’s been making a hit in the market. This product is an operating system that is designed for any wearables; like smart watches. It works in Android 4.3 or newer and iOS 8.2 or newer. It is used in pairing with mobiles phones, and let’s you access most of your apps notification through the smart watch.

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It integrates the Google-now technology, and mobile phones notification into a smart watch form factor. You can also use it to download Android apps from the Google’s playstore.

Android Wear

This smart gadget was first declared on 18th, March 2014, and then followed by a release of developer preview. It’s a device that supports both Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connection. And can be used to transfer apps, any files and music. This watch is just like the Moto’ 360, LG watch etc.

The Android wear device comes with lots of features that are much more interesting, and makes it worth buying. Some of the features includes:

  1. A Google map that you can use find directions. You can always choose the transportmode, including bikes, before you begin your journey. When you start your journey, this smart watch will then show you directions according to your chosen transport mode. It can also use interactions to indicate a turn.
  2. The third feature is the use of the Android wear to control your mobile phone/device. It has the Google’s play music in it, you can easily use it to request for any music, for example, you can say– “OK Google, play the music jingle bells”–after saying that, it will make play control, like the volume key, next, prev, images etc. that you can use to control the media from your wrist, without making use of the phone.
  3. The next feature is the Google’s fit feature. This feature let’s you monitor your heart rate, run etc. Take for example: when you want to check your heart rate, you can just say –“OK Google, what’s my heart rate?”- it reads your expenditures of calorie, steps etc. are all active. You can also use it to track your run and ride. It allows integration with some companion devices like the ‘withings smart body scale’ that is meant for weight monitoring. This watch will reinforce your achievement with cards that note your attainment, goals, body summary etc.

With these three main features, you can see that the Android wear is a great thing to buy, it has lots of features; you can use it to access your Gmail, or any other email account that is linked to your Gmail account.

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Run Free Movie App Showbox On PC

If you are a movie buff, then you must install free movie app Showbox on a device to watch your favourite movies and TV shows for free. Showbox is free service to stream Hollywood movies and shows; it contains thousands of latest and old collection of films. Just go through below steps to get install it on your Windows PC.

Guys jolly along with Android emulator to install this awesome app on your computer for that you need to keep an eye on lower included best steps to put this Showbox on the windows laptop. Here we are giving the best procedure from the stock of methods to provide we have gone through a lot of procedures to fetch estimable Android application Showbox on PC. I’ll also give some alternative applications to this for Apple gadgets.

If you’re using Android, then you must know these Android Wear Features

Showbox For PC Free Download

I want to say one more thing; you can connect this app to your TV. This is simple, just follow this guide to use Showbox on chromecast and stream all your movies to Television.

In the part of the procedure, you need to install an android emulator to run and allow Android apps on the personal computer. In this magical world we have so many Android emulators in the market so, guys you need to select the best among all. As per my knowledge, I suggest you use an Android emulator as BlueStacks if you want to download it, simply go to its official website and get it.


Coming back here, have you installed android application runner BlueStacks successfully? If not, contact us or comment here.

Apple users can’t get this software, so they have to look for showbox alternatives which also presents the equal content. Movie Box and PopcornTime are some cool alternatives.

Run Showbox On PC

After installation of BlueStacks, you will see a quick launch file of an Android emulator on your desktop. Follow my guidelines to install Showbox on PC

  • Lit up quick launch file of BlueStacks to install Showbox on windows, after starting you will view a window same as like below
  • Tap on search toolbar and type as Showbox, for more details, see below image
  • Click on Showbox app to move process further, now you could be ocular install option at right corner of the window, to do so and wait few seconds complete installation
  • Go to all apps of BlueStacks and find installed app, if you confuse with my instructions see below image for more information

# Method 2 Via Showbox Apk

  • Download Showbox Apk File from above-given link
  • Open downloaded Showbox Apk file with Bluestacks
  • Now start enjoying unlimited free movies and TV Shows instantly on PC
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