Cyanogenmod 14: Everything You Need To Know About It

Probably the best thing about having an Android OS is the fact that it is an open source operating the software. This enables developers to further enhance their phones by building their own software based on Android. This way the phones which were not to receive any further official updates can also get the latest version of the OS through custom ROMs by rooting and flashing their device. This paws a way for personalisations and customisation. Today on my blog, I’ll let you know all the details about Cyanogenmod 14.


CyanogenMod 14 RELEASE DATE

The official CM 14 is amongst the most anticipated software updates along with the Android N update. While the unofficial builds are available, issues such as camera malfunctions and weird glitches have been experienced. These issues have been a major setback to the release date of the official build as such problems are a possibility even in the official version. The unofficial build was released by the end of August, and there is still no word from the official builders.


CM 14 was expected to be built on the original  Android N(7.0). But because of the unexpected glitches and firmware drops, the official CM 14 shall be built on 7.1. This is expected to be rather more promising concerning stability, and it shall have all the features of Android.

This way you are not only amongst the first to have Android N apart from the Nexus devices and the Lg V20 but you don’t have to deal with the weird battery draining issues which the 7.0 brought for the Nexus devices.

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Being based on the Android N firmware it is very obvious that it’ll have all or almost all the features which are expected to be present with Android N. The long list of features includes:-

1) Better Dose mode

Owing to the fact that CM would kind of suck at maintaining battery life it was quite obvious that the official CM14 would make users say otherwise. Well after integrating dose mode into the system, the battery life is expected to perform 20% better because now dose works even when your device is in motion but not in use.

2) Multiscreen window

Being the most anticipated feature from Android N, Multiscreen window has found its way into the unofficial build, but it just supports two apps. The official build is expected to support 4.

3) Easter eggs

CM14 is supposed to continue the legacy of styling the Android Easter eggs by adding a CM finish to it according to the Android version. We saw it with CM 11,12 and 13 which had Easter eggs based on KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow and the same is expected from CM 14.

4) No App Drawer

This seems a little obvious as the Android N UI was planning to ditch the app drawer, the same was seen with the unofficial build and is expected from the official. It may be so that the official build will have 2 UIs, but then there’s also the possibility that CM shall simply ditch the app drawer icon and provide gesture support for it.


All devices supporting Android N are expected to support CM14. Also, devices like the Moto x 2013 edition and the Moto G3 which will not receive Android N have received the unofficial builds of CM 14.