Android Wear: The Three Features

Android wear is one of the latest product by Google, designed for Android users. It’s been an exciting product, and it’s been making a hit in the market. This product is an operating system that is designed for any wearables; like smartwatches. It works in Android 4.3 or newer and iOS 8.2 or newer. It is used in pairing with mobiles phones and lets you access most of your app’s notification through the smartwatch.

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It integrates the Google-now technology, and mobile phones notification into a smartwatch form factor. You can also use it to download Android apps from Google’s play store.

Android Wear

This smart gadget was first declared on 18th, March 2014, and then followed by a release of the developer preview. It’s a device that supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. And can be used to transfer apps, any files, and music. This watch is just like the Moto’ 360, LG watch, etc.

The Android wear device comes with lots of features that are much more interesting and makes it worth buying. Some of the features include:

  1. A Google map that you can use finds directions. You can always choose the transport mode, including bikes before you begin your journey. When you start your journey, this smartwatch will then show you directions according to your preferred transport mode. It can also use interactions to indicate a turn.
  2. The third feature is the use of Android wear to control your mobile phone/device. It has Google’s play music in it, you can easily use it to request for any music, for example, you can say– “OK Google, play the music jingle bells”–after saying that, it will make play control, like the volume key, next, prev, images, etc. that you can use to control the media from your wrist, without making use of the phone.
  3. The next feature is Google’s convenient feature. This feature lets you monitor your heart rate, run, etc. Take for example: when you want to check your heart rate, you can say –“OK Google, what’s my heart rate?”- It reads your expenditures of calorie, steps, etc. are all active. You can also use it to track your run and ride. It allows integration with some companion devices like the ‘Withings smart body scale’ that is meant for weight monitoring. This watch will reinforce your achievement with cards that note your attainment, goals, body summary, etc.

With these three main features, you can see that the Android wear is a great thing to buy, it has lots of features; you can use it to access your Gmail or any other email account that is linked to your Gmail account.